5 Ways To Attract A Girl With Humor

One of the top-most things a girl looks for in her guy is good humor. “Someone who can make me laugh until I die” is the first thing many women respond with when they are asked about the one quality they look for in their man. The need for good humor and laughter should never be underestimated. Good sense of humor is essential whether it is your first date or tenth wedding anniversary. This has scientific backing as well.

Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine after their recent study came to the same conclusion. The studies revealed that the female species have grown accustomed to “evolve” as they say it in the language of medicine, to good humor. Consequently so, the man that produces it becomes that much more attractive. Now, that we know that good humor actually make you more attractive read on to find our five tips to improve your humor and get the girl you always wanted.

Don’t Be Mr. Bean On The Very First Date:

In the very early stages in a relationship, there are much better and Goa escorts sexier ways to impress and attract the women than to go all Mr. Bean on her. Save your goofy side for at least the third date. This would ensure that you don’t really hit a brick wall and give yourself a concussion out of that. Be sure to follow the three C’s: be Charming, Charismatic and Courteous to ensure that you go to your third date.

Originality Is Important

No one likes a copycat; also it is almost anyone who can quote lines from the very famous sitcoms. Girls, in general, don’t like this idea. The relatability factor might get you some points but it really won’t last that long. Be sure to use your presence of mind to turn any situation hilarious. Not a funeral of course. Don’t try this at someone’s funeral.

Learn To Laugh At Yourself

This is perhaps one of the coolest and attractive things that women find in men. If you are capable to make fun of yourself and laugh about it this would not only mean that you won’t take offense on almost anything she would say but also give you points on the coolness scale. To be honest who really wants to go out with a guy who looks like he has a stick up his but all the time
? Be sure to not be one of those guys.

Be Yourself

There is a certain amount of pressure associated with you wanting to make her laugh. Make sure that in order to get some giggles out of her; you don’t lose your true self. This will help your relationship to flourish for long.

Don’t Forget To Be Modest

Make sure you keep your confidence in check. Make sure that you don’t pass off as self-centered. This would not only weird out your date but at the same time would decrease the chances of you ever getting another date.

So this was our top five picks. We hope that this might be of help for those of you still struggling to get a date